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Sporge Submission is Easy. Just follow our 4 steps!

1. Title: Add the correct business title and relevant anchor text like this

Full Business Title: relevant anchor text
Joe’s Hydro Flush Inc: plumbing and plumbing fixtures

2. Description: Tell about your business or service.
Do not include:
Promotional hype
Phone numbers
Any form punctuation or special markings other then a period or comma.
Do not end your description with (and more), (etc), (…) or any form of continuation.
Never repeat the title in the description.

3. Keywords: add relevant keywords about your website. Do not separate with a comma.

4. URL: full and complete URL including the http:// and www.

We will not accept these types of submissions:

*Sites Advocating Violence.
*We do not accept websites using pay per click services as primary content.
*Adult sites and sites that link to them.
*Submissions with more than one popup or load behind per page.
*Gambling sites of any kind.
*Online drug sales sites.
*Informational sites that have more then 2 affiliate or PPC advertisements on the content pages.
*Actual or fraternal mirrors of other sites.
*Unique websites offering the same business or service.
*Weapons including personal defense items like pepper spray and stun guns.
*Spyware/Adware or sites that link to it.
*Sub domains that can be readily and easily reached from a main page.
*Sites that promote directly or indirectly illegal activity of any kind.
*Sites considered of poor quality by the reviewing editor.
*Affiliate services will be placed in the Affiliate Website Topic only.
*Redirected sites. Sites that redirect to a URL not within the submitted domain.
*Submissions with titles and descriptions not in English.
If you have submission questions email admin@sporge.com.

*We reserve the right to refuse submission for any reason we deem as necessary. Sporge reserves the right to list quality sites for as long as Sporge deems them appropriate and useful to its users. Sporge does not remove or add sites for linking purposes or for site reputation reasons that other directories or search engines may have.

By clicking the link below, you are indicating that you have read, understand and agree to the requirements and terms above.

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By clicking the link above, you are indicating that you have read, understand and agree to the requirements and terms above

Directories are a great resource for marketing your site to a variety of users. Traffic may come from the directory itself, or can come in the form of residual traffic from the search engines that crawl and collect data from directories like Sporge.com. The reason that the a link in Sporge.com can be so important is that directories are respected by search engines and each topic is themed around an individual subject. Having your site linked to in such a themed manner can add weight to a search engine viewing your site as an "expert" in the subject your site is about which can result in higher ratings in the search engines. Also, research organizations know the value of using human edited directories as a resource because of the accuracy in results. There are many link farms out there that can damage your reputation so stick with quality directories that review every site and reject poor quality sites. If you have a Web site, be sure to add your site to Sporge.com.

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