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Resources & Research
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  • BridgingLoansCalculator.com (More Info) super hot
    Want to know exactly how much your loan repayment and interest will be? Let our calculator service tell you
    URL: https://www.bridgingloanscalculator.com (Hits: 3594, Rating: 0, Reviews: 0, Mark as Dead, )
    Created: 12-07-2017 at 05:46 a.m., Updated: 12-07-2017 at 05:46 a.m.
  • Donkey Finance (More Info) super hot
    Donkey Finance are happy to help, no matter what the circumstances are or how much you need. Our finance broker service is one of the very best!
    URL: https://www.donkey.finance/ (Hits: 3604, Rating: 0, Reviews: 0, Mark as Dead, )
    Created: 12-22-2017 at 07:19 a.m., Updated: 12-22-2017 at 07:19 a.m.
  • Home Buying Institute (More Info) super hot very cool
    A library of home buying tips and advice. Expert advice from real estate agents, mortgage professionals, credit experts and more.
    URL: http://www.homebuyinginstitute.com (Hits: 3594, Rating: 8, Reviews: 0, Mark as Dead, )
    Created: 02-27-2007 at 11:08 p.m., Updated: 02-27-2007 at 11:08 p.m.
  • mortgage monthly repayment calculator (More Info) super hot
    Resource which helps home buyers and homeowners estimate both interest only and amortising loan payments.
    URL: http://mortgagecalculator.uk (Hits: 3605, Rating: 0, Reviews: 0, Mark as Dead, )
    Created: 07-19-2019 at 03:48 p.m., Updated: 07-19-2019 at 03:48 p.m.
  • New Frontier Solutions (More Info) super hot
    Private mortgage and structured payment broker service
    URL: http://www.cash4cashflows.com/tellsworth (Hits: 3593, Rating: 0, Reviews: 0, Mark as Dead, )
    Created: 01-29-2007 at 12:19 p.m., Updated: 01-29-2007 at 12:19 p.m.
  • Refinance Rates Today (More Info) super hot
    Provides an easy to use calculator which helps homeowners figure out how much they can save by refinancing their home.
    URL: http://refinancecalculator.org (Hits: 3594, Rating: 0, Reviews: 0, Mark as Dead, )
    Created: 08-06-2018 at 03:56 a.m., Updated: 08-06-2018 at 03:56 a.m.
  • Research VA Mortgage and VA Home Loans (More Info) super hot
    The Veterans VA Loan Resource Center. Prequalify for a $0 Down VA Home Loan Online, Research VA Mortgage Guidelines and Work with Veterans Loan Specialists
    URL: http://www.directvaloans.com (Hits: 3596, Rating: 0, Reviews: 0, Mark as Dead, )
    Created: 11-16-2011 at 04:23 p.m., Updated: 11-16-2011 at 04:23 p.m.
  • Tax Relief Leads (More Info) super hot updated
    A market place specifically geared towards tax debt leads. Focused on producing the highest quality tax leads in the industry.
    URL: http://taxdebtleads.net (Hits: 3600, Rating: 0, Reviews: 1, Mark as Dead, )
    Created: 07-26-2010 at 01:36 p.m., Updated: 07-26-2010 at 04:23 p.m.

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