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Help & FAQ's

This page has been provided to assist you in using Sporge, its search, its directory and standards. If you have a Sporge related question that isnít answered and isnít obvious, please consider e-mailing us at admin@sporge.com.

What is Sporge.com?
Sporge.com is a general directory or Web site catalog. Sites are identified and cataloged with like sites of the same subject.

How can I have my site listed in Sporge?
Please visit our ĎAdd Urlí page for more information.

How many listings can my site have?
Sporge has a general policy of allowing a site to have only one listing per site.

Are mirror sites allowed to have a listing under each domain name?
No. This would be considered spam and could result in all of your sites being banned from listing.

Is Sporge part of any other directory?
No. Sporge at one time was owned and operated by Skaffe.com Directory but operated as a unique service. It is no longer associated with Skaffe and is privately held.

Is there a free submission process?
No, Sporge does not offer free submission. We instead offer a very low submission price to improve the quality of submissions and reduce spam.

Does Sporge offer its content for Webmasters to use on their sites?
At present, we have not made this feature available, but plan on introducing this in the future.

How long does it take to be listed after I have submitted my site through your Paid Review program?
All sites submitted through our Paid Review program will be reviewed for inclusion within 24 hours. Should a site not qualify for listing, you will be issued a full refund. Repeated spammers will not receive a refund.

What options do you provide for payment?
We have partnered with PayPal for payment processing. Hence, Sporge can accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex and other popular payment options.

How do I get a receipt?
You should automatically receive a receipt via email. If you need an additional copy. Please e-mail us with a note including the date of your submission and the domain name; and we will be happy to get you another copy.

A search engine says I have bad links, can I remove my listing?
Sporge reserves the right to list quality sites for as long as Sporge deems them appropriate and useful to its users. Sporge does not remove or add sites for linking purposes or for site reputation reasons that other directories or search engines may have as Sporge is an independent directory for its own users and not for link farm use. In general, Sporge does not accept removal requests if the site is of quality. A site that is no longer available or had a URL change would possibly be considered for removal at Sporge's discretion. Sporge staff reserves the right to not answer requests for removal.

Directories are a great resource for marketing your site to a variety of users. Traffic may come from the directory itself, or can come in the form of residual traffic from the search engines that crawl and collect data from directories like Sporge.com. The reason that the a link in Sporge.com can be so important is that directories are respected by search engines and each topic is themed around an individual subject. Having your site linked to in such a themed manner can add weight to a search engine viewing your site as an "expert" in the subject your site is about which can result in higher ratings in the search engines. Also, research organizations know the value of using human edited directories as a resource because of the accuracy in results. There are many link farms out there that can damage your reputation so stick with quality directories that review every site and reject poor quality sites. If you have a Web site, be sure to add your site to Sporge.com.

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